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Sabzdaneh Company with support of its dedicated experts and staff always tries to maintain the quality and also the safety of the products such as cereals, nuts, beans, grains and soya beans. Our goals are listed in the below:

  1. Increase satisfaction of customers and staff
  2. Produce and deliver high quality and safe products according to customers' requirements
  3. Increasing product variety
  4. Presence in new markets (develop market share)
  5. Continuous quality improvement
  6. Increase the level of hygiene  through applying PRP, GMP, GHP methods
  7. Respect and comply with legal, quality, food safety and hygiene obligations, national and international standards such as ISO9001: 2008, HACCP, ISO22000: 2005
  8. Continuous training and empowerment of staff
  9. Increasing provision of services and facilities in order to facilitate the working conditions and production